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Jared Allen diary: Goodbye, Kansas City Chiefs management; so long, NFL substance abuse program

Kansas City was great to me.

I absolutely loved the city of Kansas City. If it was up to me - not to have to deal with that management over there - I would have stayed there and lived a great life. I didn't feel I needed a fresh start. But to me, it was a pure business decision.

I could see the direction that team was going. Tony (Gonzalez) is probably kicking himself, along with a couple of other guys, who went back there to win a championship and it's not happening.

So for me, it was a decision that had nothing to do with my personal life. The city of Kansas City was the most understanding; everything I went through, they supported me wholeheartedly.

It's huge for me to be out of the (NFL substance abuse program) and get my license back. It's been behind me, but now finally it's behind everyone else, too. It's finally over. There's no more things lingering over my head.

You finally get 100 percent of your life back.

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25 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Is Thigpen experiment done in Kansas City?

Herm Edwards told us this was coming, more or less.

In announcing his decision to make untested second-year quarterback Tyler Thigpen his starter in Atlanta, the Chiefs coach admitted he was going with a player who, in four preseason appearances, tended to start poorly before ultimately moving the Kansas City offense.

That's pretty much what happened Sunday in Atlanta.

But when Thigpen's slow start resulted in six consecutive three-and-out possessions; when he threw as many interceptions as completions (two each) in his first 13 passes; when Atlanta got 17 unanswered points before the Chiefs got a first down, and 24 points before Thigpen started moving the offense, Edwards' spot-on prediction turned into a "what was he thinking?" session of second-guessing.

Yes, Thigpen warmed up — Could he have been any colder? — just before halftime when he led the two-minute offense to a touchdown, and again at the start of the third quarter when a second consecutive touchdown drive got the Chiefs to within 10.

Moreover, it was hardly Thigpen's fault that NFL sack leader John Abraham beat Damion McIntosh for a second Thigpen sack on a third-and-3 play at the Falcons' 10, or that Nick Novak then missed a 32-yard field goal. Or that Larry Johnson tried to bounce around, rather than run through, the only linebacker between him and the goal line on a fourth-and-goal play from the 2 that stalled another drive in the fourth quarter.

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23 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Winless Chiefs now losers of 12 in a row

The NFL had four 4-12 teams last year, and two of them in the past two weeks have thrashed the woeful Kansas City Chiefs by a combined score of 61-22.

A new offense and a new offensive coordinator would be expected to create occasional confusion, at least early. But the Chiefs, dogged by injuries, have added to their chaos by starting three different quarterbacks their first three games.

Rookies and second-year players populate the roster both offensively and defensively, and so do youthful mistakes. The Chiefs aren't stopping anybody and they're not scoring much. On Sunday, the unbeaten, high-scoring Denver Broncos will encounter a winless Kansas City that ranks 28th in total offense and 25th in total defense, and hasn't had a lead since last fall.

Their Chiefs' franchise-record losing streak stretched to 12 with a 38-14 loss to Atlanta. That was after the Oakland Raiders rushed for 300 yards in a 23-8 whipping.

Everybody knew it was going to be a bite-the-bullet year. But nobody foresaw the first season of a rebuilding campaign would bring this much pain.

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22 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Are KC Chiefs most pathetic team in NFL?

Kansas City Chiefs' Turk McBride (90) and Tank Tyler (93) sit ...

The Chiefs have just been thoroughly outplayed and destroyed on the scoreboard by the lowly Atlanta Falcons, falling to 0-3 in 2008. Now, Kansas City has suffered 12 straight losses, the longest in franchise history. What a pathetic team CEO Carl Peterson has put together.

The Chiefs don't have a good quarterback, and their defense is absolutely one of the worst in the NFL. Just look at the statistics when it comes to giving up yards, especially when the other team runs.

Oh, and if Chiefs fans were looking forward to playing the Miami Dolphins, check out how Miami destroyed the New England Patriots on Sunday. So much for that supposed cupcake on the schedule.

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21 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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USA Today: Chiefs in major overhaul, but will Herm see the turnaround?

Kansas City selected DT Glenn Dorsey with the fifth overall selection in the draft. Said Raiders coach Lane Kiffin, an AFC West rival, "How do you build a team for a long, long run? The best way to do it is with a defensive lineman, especially a dominant defensive tackle like Glenn."
Heavy equipment is everywhere. Head-pounding sounds of construction pierce the air.

It is all part of a $375 million remodeling of Arrowhead Stadium (slated for completion in 2010), and this stadium-turned-construction site is the perfect backdrop for the NFL team that calls it home.

In what is arguably the most extensive youth movement since the dawn of free agency, the once-proud Kansas City Chiefs are being rebuilt from the ground up.

"Things have been rattling and rolling around here," says Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez, one of the few veteran holdovers on a radically overhauled roster that includes 32 players with three or fewer years of NFL experience.

Something dramatic needed to be done after the Chiefs dropped nine consecutive games to close last season with a 4-12 record, their worst mark since 1978. But they are choosing the road less traveled in their willingness to go young and younger.

This path certainly represents new ground for Carl Peterson, in his 20th season as team president and general manager.

"It is a different philosophy," Peterson says. "I was concerned. I have felt from the day I walked in here that the word 'rebuilding' can concern people, shock people, maybe give season-ticketholders an excuse to say, 'Well, they're not going to win for a few years. I'm not going to pay those prices to watch them rebuild. I'll wait until they get good and buy my tickets again.' "

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20 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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PFW: Chiefs will develop young players — even at expense of wins

 Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards recently reiterated that the team's main goal this season is to develop its young players, so don't expect to see many veterans playing ahead of rookies going forward. This is especially true at quarterback, where the Chiefs really want to see what they have in youngsters Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen, even if it decreases their chances of winning now.


20 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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MVN: Chiefs vs. Falcons - Any Chance the Chiefs Can Win?

You know what’s funny? A month ago, I was dreading the Chiefs’ season opener with the Patriots. Now we enter week three and I’m dreading the Chiefs playing the Falcons even moreso. Why? Because it frustrates me more for the Chiefs to lose a winnable game than it does for them to lose a game they were supposed to lose.

The good news is that Herm Edwards has a bad habit of starting seasons 0-2. His teams typically find their stride by the third game. This season will be a tall task given the Chiefs’ extreme inexperience; then again, I also recall that in 2006, after the Chiefs had conceded the season, Damon Huard came out guns blazing to lead the Chiefs to a dominant 41-0 win against the 49ers. I seem to recall that in 2007, the Chiefs went from an embarrassingly bad 0-2 team embarrassed by the Texans and Bears, to a pretty tough team that pulled off a late 13-10 win against Minnesota. In 2006 and 2007, the Chiefs were not just bad in their first two games of the season, they were embarrassingly bad. In each of those seasons, they came up with big wins in game 3. Perhaps this is a breakout game for the Chiefs.

Leave no doubt: this is a game that the Chiefs should win. If the Chiefs fan play disciplined defense as they did in the first half against Oakland, there is no reason why the Chiefs shouldn’t shut down the Falcons’ offense. Oakland has put gigantic handcuffs on Jamarcus Russell and the Pats have been fairly conservative with Matt Cassell, so this could be the first chance for the Chiefs to attack a raw quarterback in Matt Ryan. Ryan is a gunslinger and the Chiefs’ secondary has a few ballhawks. The Chiefs are at their best when they force opposing teams to make mistakes that lead to turnovers–that happened in New England, but didn’t happen in Oakland.
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19 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen calls starting gig a dream come true’

Tyler Thigpen’s debut as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback is off to a great beginning. He showed that when it comes to knowing what to expect in his first NFL start Sunday, when the Chiefs play the Falcons in Atlanta, he’s wise beyond his 24 years.

"I imagine that me being a young guy, they’re going to try to bring some different stuff at me to try to confuse me," Thigpen said. "We’re going to stick to our game plan and get the ball out of my hands and let my playmakers make plays."

The Chiefs now need Thigpen in Atlanta to be wiser and better than he was in last week’s game against Oakland. In the first extensive playing time of his career, Thigpen often looked overwhelmed, throwing into coverage or otherwise missing open receivers.

Still, the Chiefs made him their starter for Sunday’s game. Coach Herm Edwards told him before practice, and his world has been a blur every since.

"It’s a dream come true, something you dreamed of as a kid," he said. "Herm said, ’You’re the guy we’re going with this week, we believe in you, you give us the best chance to win.’ I’m going to go down there with confidence and know that I’m the starting quarterback. There’s no reason to put any extra pressure on myself."

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18 Sep 2008 by Ryan Luis

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