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Weight loss not Chiefs' concern this spring

Unlike last year, the Kansas City Chiefs feel no need to turn this year's offseason program into an NFL fat farm, measuring progress more by weight lost than plays learned.

Coach Todd Haley's second spring season will focus more on getting newcomers and holdovers working together and acquainting everybody with new coordinators.

01 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Chiefs Hire Adam Zimmer

The Kansas City Chiefs hired Adam Zimmer as a defensive assistant/assistant linebackers coach today, the team announced.

The son of Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Zimmer coached for the past four seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

During his tenure with the Saints, he was part of a New Orleans coaching staff that helped guide the franchise to a victory in Super Bowl XLIV as well as a pair of NFC championship game appearances.

Zimmer played collegiately at Trinity University (Tex.).

31 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Chiefs adding experience to go with youth

When the Kansas City Chiefs looked at Mike Vrabel, they saw a skilled linebacker who knew their defensive system well and was eager to mentor younger players and lead in the locker room.

It mattered little to them that he comes in a soon-to-be 35-year-old body.

The Chiefs in fact are finding older is better is many cases. Along with Vrabel, the Chiefs re-signed wide receiver Chris Chambers, who will be 32 in August. They added center Casey Wiegmann and running back Thomas Jones, who will be 37 and 32, respectively, this summer.

As a result, the Chiefs, one of the youngest NFL teams the last couple of seasons, are graying.

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30 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Covitz: Chiefs sign Derrick Johnson

The Chiefs announced that linebacker Derrick Johnson has signed an restricted free agent tender.

Johnson, the club's first-round draft pick in 2005, would have been an unrestricted free agent this year, but the uncapped season made him a restricted free agent.

The Chiefs retained his rights when they offered him a one-year contract worth $2.621 million.

Johnson was eligible to negotiate with other clubs, but had he signed an offer sheet with another team, the Chiefs had the right to match that offer. If they declined, the Chiefs would have been entitled to that team’s first-round draft pick.

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25 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Jesnsen: Mission implausible for Chiefs' Studebaker

When he invited a special guest to work with his players this month, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley couldn't wait for him to meet Andy Studebaker, an Illinois native who graduated from Wheaton College.

''I had a karate expert come in, and I told all the coaches that if we tell Andy to run through a wall, he'll be here to do it,'' Haley said Monday from the NFL owners meetings in Orlando. ''At first I was mad [Studebaker wasn't there], but then I found out he was on a trip.''

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24 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: What about Croyle?

Seattle's trade for quarterback Charlie Whitehurst got me thinking about the future of the Chiefs' Brodie Croyle. Both began the off-season as restricted free agents and the Seahawks worked out a deal with San Diego for the rights to Whitehurst.

Whitehurst and Croyle were taken in the same round of the same draft, the third round in 2006. Croyle has done little to distinguish himself in his time with the Chiefs, but let's remember the Kansas City offense has mostly been a mess no matter who the quarterback. The situation the Chiefs threw Croyle into was a near-impossible one for any quarterback.

Still, Croyle has outdone Whitehurst, who hasn't been good enough to get out on the field and throw so much as a regular-season pass. The Chargers thought so little of Whitehurst that they traded for Billy Volek to be the main reserve for Philip Rivers.

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20 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Will Chiefs stick with a building block or go for the popular pick in draft?

When you think about the NFL draft for the Kansas City Chiefs next month, there’s the safe pick offensive tackle Russell Okung from Oklahoma State.

And then there’s the one fans really want defensive back Eric Berry from Tennessee. Ranked third on Mel Kiper’s board of 32, Berry would be a huge hit with the fans and a solid win for general manager Scott Pioli.

I like what Pioli is doing with the Chiefs, but I’d love it if he’d pick Berry. The problem is you can’t have everything, and my gut says that taking Berry that high would go against what Pioli wants to do.
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20 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson: The good and the bad of the Chiefs

After winning a total of 10 games the past three seasons, Kansas City needs to make major improvements.

So far, in the offseason, the Chiefs have made decent strides. There has been some talk that perhaps in the second year of the Scot Pioli-Todd Haley era, Kansas City will be poised to make a major jump and become one of the NFL’s most improved teams in 2010.

I am not sure if Kansas City is quite ready to be considered a sleeper team. However, in the early portion of the offseason, it is the most improved team in the AFC West.

Most of Kansas City’s improvements have been made on offense. Defensively, Kansas City has a lot of work to do. Still, there is time through free agency and next month’s draft. Kansas City has the No. 5 overall pick and two picks in the second round. The Chiefs have three picks in the first 50 choices and four picks in the first 66 selections. It has a chance to get much better.
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19 Mar 2010 by Ryan Luis

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