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PFT: Haley defends going for it on fourth down

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't a very good team, so it's no surprise that they don't lead the league in very many statistical categories.

But they do lead the league in one: Fourth-down conversion attempts. The Chiefs have gone for it on fourth down 27 times this season, converting 13 of them. And although it might seem like the Chiefs' 3-10 record should cause coach Todd Haley to re-think his approach to game-day decision making, Haley says he's confident that more often than not, he's made the right call.

"There are a lot of different factors that come into those decisions," Haley said, per the Kansas City Star. "You go with what you feel. . . .
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19 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Livingston: Wins (for now) aren't the measure of Mike Vrabel's leadership with Chiefs

A basketball player once told me Red Auerbach built the Boston Celtics to last, "like the Roman Empire."

The player was M.L. Carr, who later became Boston's general manager in the 1990s, about the time the Visigoths overran the empire.

The Celtics got old together back then. Management forgot about replenishing the team with youth and speed, sentimentally letting veterans play out the string together. After that, they had no one to remember the specs of the blueprint for victory.

In the old days, the Romans used career soldiers called centurions to indoctrinate the men in the ranks. Among the new centurions in the NFL is Mike Vrabel, of Walsh Jesuit, Ohio State and the Browns' opponent this Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before New England's coaching staff made Vrabel a central element of three Super Bowl champions, he was a spare part in Pittsburgh. After New England, he and Matt Cassel, who baby-sat the quarterback position when Tom Brady was hurt last season, were traded to Kansas City for a
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16 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Chiefs chasing another sellout

Last week, the Kansas City Chiefs found a way to move the last remaining 3,500 tickets to avoid the first non-sellout of Arrowhead Stadium since 1990.

This week, the task will be a bit taller.  As of yesterday, 5,500 tickets remained for Sunday's home finale against the Browns.
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16 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson: Chiefs facing a potential TV blackout again

The Kansas City Chiefs have a tougher task this week to avoid their first local television blackout in 19 years than they had last week.

The team announced Tuesday they have about 5,500 tickets to sell for Sunday’s game against Cleveland by Thursday’s deadline. Last week, Kansas City got an extension until Friday to sellout the Buffalo game, which they did. Last Tuesday, the team said they had 3,500 tickets to sell.
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15 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson: Missouri to honor Schottenheimer

Former Chiefs coach Marty Schottenheimer will be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame as part of the 2010 class.

Schottenheimer, still wildly popular in Kansas City, will be inducted Jan. 31, 2010, in Springfield, Mo. From 1989 to 1998, he led Kansas City to a 101-58-1 record during the regular season.

He is the third Kansas City coach to be inducted into the state's hall of fame. He joins Hank Stram and Dick Vermeil.
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15 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Cassel booed as Chiefs fall to Bills

When he was acquired during the off-season, Matt Cassel was advertised as the new franchise quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cassel hasn't played like a franchise quarterback, and the fans in Kansas City are getting fed up.

Cassel threw four interceptions in today's 16-10 loss to the Bills, and he heard it from the fans at Arrowhead Stadium. He said afterward that he understood their frustration.
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15 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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BR: Chiefs still making same mistakes

Dwayne Bowe walked into the Kansas City
Chiefs locker room on Monday, exchanged hugs and handshakes with
teammates who shouted out “D-Bowe!” as he arrived.

Back from a four-game drug suspension, Bowe was a welcome sight
at the Chiefs’ training complex.

On the field, not much has changed.

In losing 16-10 to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the hapless
Chiefs made many of the same mistakes that have haunted them all

Matt Cassel had another shaky game. A mediocre rushing team ran
all over the Chiefs’ defense. The offense kept tripping itself
up. Coach Todd Haley made a questionable call or two. Receivers
dropped crucial passes.

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15 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Chiefs happy to finally get Bowe back

The last time he played for the Kansas City Chiefs before his four-week NFL suspension, Dwayne Bowe had one of his best games of the season, catching six passes in a win over the Raiders.

The Chiefs welcomed Bowe back Monday and are eager to get him back in the lineup for this weekend's game against Cleveland at Arrowhead Stadium. They aren't necessarily expecting him to pick up where he left off.

"It's unreasonable to expect him to come in and play as good or better as he was before he left,'' wide receiver Bobby Wade said. "The hardest thing about missing games during the season is the speed of the game. It's going to be a challenge for him to play within his own realm and make the plays that come to him, but he's capable of handling it. He's got to let the game come to him and not stress about making a big play. He just has to play solid."

Bowe was suspended by the league for violating its policy on performance-enhancing substances. He declined interview requests Monday.

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15 Dec 2009 by Ryan Luis

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