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PFT: Chiefs sign Herron, Richardson

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced the acquisition of cornerback Mike Richardson and linebacker David Herron.

Richardson worked out for the Chiefs on Tuesday.

Both players have a connection to Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, the former V.P. of player personnel in New England.  Richardson spent ten games in 2008 with the Patriots; Herron spent one week in New England in 2007.

Yesterday, the Chiefs traded quarterback Tyler Thigpen to the Dolphins, signed tight end Leonard Pope, and worked out tackle Mark Tauscher.
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30 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Mark Tauscher Works Out for Kansas City Chiefs

Former Packer Mark Tauscher reportedly worked out for the tackle-needy Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday.

It's believed to be the first workout for Tauscher since his ACL reconstruction surgery in January.

Tauscher started nine years at right tackle for the Packers but he became an unrestricted free agent in the off-season.

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29 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Free Agent News

  • Former Chief WR Taurus Johnson tried out for the Lions today.  He was signed as a UDFA (and the Chiefs worked him out pre-draft) by the Chiefs and released on the final big cutdown day.
  • T Levi Jones worked out for the Packers.  The team isn't in a whole lot of need at left tackle so we assume this was for a shot as a right tackle.
  • S Keith Davis tried out for the Titans today.  The Chiefs reportedly worked him out way back in March but there's been no movement on this.  He's a special teams guy as well.
  • CB Roderick Hood tried out for the Titans as well.  The Chiefs have reportedly worked out a few defensive backs in recent weeks.
  • The Patriots released LB Prescott Burgess yesterday.  As we've noticed, the Chiefs like former Patriots.  (As butchcassidy pointed out in the comments, Burgess was only a Patriot for a few weeks.  He was previously with the Ravens, who play the Patriots this season)
29 Sep 2009 by Flint Graves

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Chiefs sign TE Pope

The Kansas City Chiefs signed former Cardinals tight end Leonard Pope on Tuesday.

Pope spent his first three seasons in the NFL with Arizona after being selected in the third round of the 2006 draft. He played in 42 games, including 25 starts, and caught 48 passes for 476 yards and five touchdowns.

In three postseason contests, all last season, Pope had two receptions for 21 yards.

  Kansas City also added tackle Chris Patrick to the practice squad and released linebacker Monty Beisel, cornerback Ricardo Colclough and tight end Tom Crabtree. Patrick spent training camp this season with the Eagles but was released prior to the preseason.

29 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Haley says he wasn't waving white flag

Trailing 24-7 at halftime against the Eagles, Chiefs coach Todd Haley made a surprising strategic decision to start the third quarter.

He started to emphasize the running game.  This caused much teeth-gnashing in Kansas City, with the impression that the Chiefs gave up on winning the game.

"It was in my gut because of the way we performed early in that game and ran for three yards," Haley said, looking exhausted Monday.  "I got to halftime and I thought to myself, what are we doing? We need to make some progress in this game. I just felt like our best chance offensively to make progress was to figure out what we wanted to do."

While Haley was admittedly thinking ahead to the next week, the Chiefs also pulled a number of trick plays out in Philadelphia.  That's not a sign of a coach that has given up.

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29 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Miami Dolphins acquire Kansas City QB Tyler Thigpen in trade

The Miami Dolphins acquired Kansas City Chiefs third-string quarterback Tyler Thigpen Tuesday in exchange for an undisclosed draft pick.

Thigpen, 25, would fill Miami's need for depth at the position following Chad Pennington's season-ending shoulder injury on Sunday. Chad Henne will start for the Dolphins, but Thigpen will join rookie Pat White as the other quarterbacks on the roster.

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29 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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AP: Overhauled Chiefs still struggling and winless

The defense is still a clunker, the next breakdown just around the corner. The offensive line, in disarray. Wins? Nope, not yet.

For a team that underwent an offseason overhaul, the Kansas City Chiefs sure look a whole lot like last year's run-down version.

And it doesn't get any easier: Up next are the 3-0 New York Giants, with Dallas after that.

"It's pretty clear that our margin for error isn't real great at this time," Chiefs coach Todd Haley said Monday. "We must, as a team and a coaching staff, really do everything right, all the little things included."

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29 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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MVN: Kansas City Chiefs Wave the White Flag

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, left, watches as ...

I tried something new yesterday. 

My son was getting baptized, and the ceremony followed noon mass - which doesn't bode well for a 12:00 p.m. CST kickoff for the Kansas City good guys and someone who wants to watch the game.  So - I set my DVR, went to the service and planned on watching the game when I got home. 

(I knew something wasn't going right when, midway through the baptism, my buddy J-Bear let out an audible sigh and kicked the pew.  He may have dropped the ill-advised F-bomb in church, too - but I can neither confirm nor deny that.)

So - I got home and immediately started watching the game on "2X" - twice the speed of normal play.  I saw the Chiefs go a thrilling 3-and-out twice, seem to forget that LeSean McCoy was on the field, watch the Philadelphia Eagles' fans inexplicably give Michael Vick a standing ovation, and Larry Johnson officially give up on the season.  To LJ's credit, he lasted three games longer than I expected him to.

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28 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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