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Williamson: Not buying a QB change in Kansas City

I get that new coach Todd Haley believes in being critical in his attempt to rid the Kansas City Chiefs’ of their losing odor.

I get that Haley has already developed a reputation for demoting players who don’t playing well.

I get that as offensive coordinator in Arizona last year, Haley saw his team catch fire when Matt Leinart was benched in favor of Kurt Warner.

I get that Haley made headlines Tuesday when he said this when asked about quarterback Matt Cassel’s status as the starting quarterback: "You've got to ultimately do what you think gives your team the best chance to win. If that means another quarterback being in there other than Matt Cassel, then sign me up."

Still, I don’t buy the fact that Haley is considering benching Cassel. It doesn’t make any sense. It wouldn’t be fair to Cassel, Haley himself or the team. It’s been one game.
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23 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Tucker: Cassel will continue to start at quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs

Brodie Croyle has a much higher quarterback rating and a better completion percentage, but Matt Cassel has a bigger guaranteed contract. Guess who'll start for Kansas City on Sunday?

It will be Cassel facing the Eagles in Philadelphia, coach Todd Haley said Tuesday. But the rookie head coach also said he would not hesitate to make a switch if he decided Croyle gives the winless Chiefs a better chance.

He would really have the courage to bench someone his boss showered with millions of dollars and staked a big chunk of his reputation on?

"You've got to ultimately do what you think gives your team the best chance to win," Haley said. "If that means another quarterback being in there other than Matt Cassel, then sign me up."

Cassel has been one of the happiest success stories in recent years. He is one of the few, and perhaps the only, quarterback to start and win an NFL game without ever starting a game in college.

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23 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Former Chief Gonzalez is still tight with KC

The party should’ve started by now. Should’ve started a half-hour or so ago, actually, but it won’t be much of an event until Kansas City’s favorite football player shows up. So a ballroom full of men in their pressed suits and women in their best dresses wait.

There are big names here already, all in the name of charity. Each of them know the deal. David Cook is the local boy turned “American Idol” winner, a bona fide rock star.

“I’m here to see Tony,” he says.

Matt Cassel is the Chiefs’ starting quarterback with a beautiful wife and a $63 million contract, things that usually earn a man a certain status.

“It’ll be great,” he says of the opportunity to meet Tony Gonzalez.

This will be Gonzalez’s first time back in Kansas City since being traded this last offseason. Officially, he’ll be here to support the Shadow Buddies Foundation. Realistically, he’s also coming for the love.

Gonzalez is playing the first of his 13 NFL seasons away from Kansas City, but this is still very much his town. With the Royals finishing a disappointing summer and the Chiefs on their way to a horrific autumn, he still just might be the most popular athlete in Kansas City.

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21 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Alfonso Boone helps provide depth to depleted Chargers line

Earlier today, only three of 31 players dumped by the Chiefs since the end of the 2008 season had found new jobs.

Now, the number is up to four.

(Says former G.M. Carl Peterson, "Hooray?")

Our old pal Aaron Wilson of NFP reports that Boone, cut earlier this year by Kansas City, has agreed to terms with the Chargers on a one-year deal.
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21 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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BR: Chiefs Do Everything Wrong In a Game Where Little Needed To Go Right

Everything for which the Chiefs could be praised in Week One disappeared in Week Two. Instead of zero turnovers, the Chiefs committed two. Instead of three penalties, the team had nine for a typically Raider-esque 70 yards. 

Kansas City has been scrutinized as a team with limited talent. This is arguable, but even the “lesser” teams in the NFL can compete if they are fundamentally sound. Today, the Chiefs were anything but. 

How else can a team outgaining their opponent 409 yards to 166 lose the game? 

Here are the three areas of the game that interested me most. Strangely, they aren’t all bad. We’ll get the bad out of the way first.

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21 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Chiefs will get to prepare for four quarterbacks next week

FOX's Jay Glazer reports that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb wants to play next week against the Chiefs, only two weeks after suffering what turns out to be a serious rib injury.

Per Glazer, the tenth rib was fully displaced.  The concern is that numbing the area on game day could result in McNabb suffered a punctured lung without realizing it.  (Apparently, the shortness of breath would have prompted him to think it was merely another bout of nausea.)
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21 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Chiefs are younger this year

This sounds strange for a team that added veterans like Bobby Engram, Mike Goff, Mike Vrabel and Mike Brown but the Chiefs actually started the regular season about as young and inexperienced as they were to began the 2008 season.

According to league statistics, the Chiefs average age to begin the season was 25.89 years, or tied with Indianapolis for second youngest behind Green Bay. Their players had an average of 3.92 years of experience, which is tied with Jacksonville for sixth.

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17 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Former Vikings Bobby Wade excited to be in Kansas City

Bobby Wade knows the business of the NFL, but he still wasn't ready for what he experienced last week.

After accepting a pay cut to reduce his base salary in half to about $1.5 million, Wade was released by the Vikings on Thursday and replaced by veteran Greg Lewis. On Monday, Wade agreed to a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"It was very surprising, caught me off guard," Wade told reporters in Kansas City today. "Other than that, it's the nature of the business. Nobody is safe. Everybody understands that regardless of pay or how many years you've played or even production for that matter.

"I'm just fortunate to have this opportunity."

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16 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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