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PFT: Chiefs announce practice squad

We told you earlier about the Chiefs plucking former Patriots offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan off waivers.

The Chiefs have also announced their practice squad. The players added there are cornerback Jackie Bates, tight end Tom Crabtree, defensive end Dion Gales, defensive end Bobby Greenwood, guard Darryl Harris, running back Javarris Williams and wideout Rodney Wright.

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07 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Bernard Pollard among tomahawked Chiefs

Tom Brady's knees weren't scheduled for another run-in with Bernard Pollard this season, but there still may be a reunion after Pollard was released by the Chiefs on Sunday.

The safety, who started 31 games over the last two seasons was the most surprising name on the Chiefs cut list. The safety position has been in flux during training camp, but it was believed that free safety Jarrad Page was in more trouble than Pollard, a 2006 second rounder, when it came to cut day.
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05 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Reiter: Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel finally gets a chance to lead a team after a long wait

Chatsworth High School sits in the San Fernando Valley, an enclave of one-story buildings meant to school the children of engineers and screenwriters. Idyllic, with a well-groomed quad and a Californian chill, it is more Hollywood than Heartland, more likely to produce actors like Kevin Spacey and Kirk Cameron than football stars like Matt Cassel.

Particularly since Cassel had no intention of becoming a football star.

"I wasn't even going to play football," Cassel said. "I was going to play baseball, and then the third week of the season I got the itch and said, 'Hey, Coach, can I come on the team?'"

Sure, came the answer. Give it a whirl.

They tried him at linebacker. They tried him at other positions. Then, in week six, they put him in at quarterback.

Something clicked.

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05 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Kansas City Chiefs finish roster cuts, make it to 53 man squad

After cutting eight players on Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs whittled down their roster by 14 more today and got their roster down to the league-mandated number of 53.

The team announced it has released the following players through its live blog on

CB Jackie Bates
TE Tom Crabree
DE Dion Gales
DE Bobby Greenwood
G Darryl Harris
WR Taurus Johnson
WR Ashley Lelie
DT Derek Lokey
S Bernard Pollard
S Ricky Price
LB Zach Thomas
RB Javarris Williams
WR Rodney Wright

The team also placed former Mizzou Tiger, rookie guard Colin Brown, on the Injured Reserve list, shutting him down for this season.

The biggest surprises here are definitely Ashley Lelie, Zach Thomas and the starting safety for the past two years, Bernard Pollard. Thomas hasn’t been able to play or practice during the preseason and this may have ended his career. If he wanted to do it, Thomas could probably be a coach in the NFL right away. Lelie seemed to have been a visible contributor during his short stay in KC, but this is just another disappointment in his underachieving career.

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05 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Damion McIntosh among players released by Kansas City Chiefs

A poor pre-season cost offensive tackle Damion McIntosh his job Friday when he was released along with seven other players by the Kansas City Chiefs.

McIntosh, drafted in the third round in 2000 by San Diego, was Kansas City's starter at right tackle last year but did not play well this pre-season. He was beaten several times in Thursday night's pre-season loss to St. Louis. He signed as an unrestricted free agent in 2007.

Also released were linebacker Corey Smith, fullback Jed Collins, centre Eric Ghiaciuc, cornerbacks Travis Daniels and Londen Fryar and offensive linemen Herb Taylor and Tavares Washington.

05 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

Bookmark and Share Why Your Team Sucks: Kansas City Chefs

Some people are fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. This 2009 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

1. Great googly moogly, Todd Haley is an asshole. When you get to be my age, you become very good at that Gladwellian skill of thin-slicing people: recognizing, within just a few moments of seeing them, what kind of person you're dealing with. It's skill honed by attending weddings, cocktail parties, and any number of other events where you're forced to interact with complete fuckheads. And Todd Haley is a complete fuckhead. Watch this video and tell me he isn't the coach from "Dazed & Confused". Listen to him say to Jamaal Charles, "You better take care of MY football." What a fucking dick. It's not your football there, fella. The league issued it to the team. It's the team's ball, and you can shove it up your ass. Jamaal Charles isn't toting that rock just for you. Is that supposed to motivate him? Would Belichick, asshole that he is, ever pull that high school coach act? I'm no fan of player's coaches. But there's a clear line between a coach who want take any shit, and a coach who's just a megalomaniacal jackass, and that's Todd Haley. Ask yourself, would YOU want to play hard for this raging dickface? Fuck, would you even want to play for a guy named Todd? No, you would not. Todd is an asshole name. THAT'S A FACT.

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04 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Covitz: Vick ruled eligible to face Chiefs in third game

The Chiefs will be the first team quarterback Michael Vick will be eligible to face.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said today Vick, now with the Philadelphia Eagles, can play in the third game of the regular season, which is Sept. 27 against the Chiefs in Philadelphia.

Goodell met with Vick for 45 minutes Thursday before announcing his decision. Vick, recently signed by the Eagles, played in last week's exhibition game and was expected to play against the New York Jets on Thursday night.

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03 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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PFT: Tyler Thigpen leaves after two quick interceptions

Despite some trade rumors to the contrary, the indications out of Kansas City this week were that Tyler Thigpen was staying put, regardless of the status of Matt Cassel's knee.

Any team interested in Thigpen may have had second thoughts after Thursday night's performance anyhow.  Thigpen threw two interceptions in seven attempts before getting the hook for Matt Gutierrez. 
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03 Sep 2009 by Ryan Luis

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