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Siavii happy Dallas Cowboys gave him a nose job

Over the last two seasons, Jay Ratliff has developed into one of the better nose tackles in the NFL.

While not prototypical size for the position at 302 pounds, Ratliff relies more on speed, quickness and leverage to beat bigger offensive linemen. He was so good in 2008 credited with 83 tackles and 7.5 sacks by the coaches that he was voted to the Pro Bowl for the first time.

Ratliff's value to the Cowboys is even higher because of who is behind him on the depth chart.

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25 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Five keys for the Chiefs heading into camp

When longtime president/general manager Carl Peterson was dismissed late last year, it was evident the Chiefs were in for a busy offseason. As things turned out, the turnover was more dramatic than anyone expected.

Coach Herm Edwards quickly followed Peterson, and the Chiefs eventually traded tight end Tony Gonzalez, a franchise icon and last remaining link to the glory days of Marty Schottenheimer.

In are general manager Scott Pioli, coach Todd Haley and quarterback Matt Cassel (left), but that’s not all. At least 36 of the 80 players they will bring to the start of training camp next week at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls are new to the Chiefs.

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23 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Bell: Harris will be counted on to protect Cassel

If former Clarksdale High School and University of Mississippi standout offensive lineman Darryl Harris can show in his first National Football League training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs that he he can block effectively, he may be on his way to enjoying a fruitful professional career.

Harris, a 6-4, 300-pounder is one of 12 rookies and free agents who will be reporting to theUniversity of Wisconsin - River Falls, on July 30.

Two-a-day practice begins August 1.

Matt Cassel, a career backup in college and in the pros, parlayed a great 2008 season into a lucrative franchise tag. Now, he's locked himself into a deal to be the long-term quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.
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20 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Rose: Kansas City Chiefs 101: Who have been the Chiefs head coaches?

Here’s a list of the Chiefs head coaches:

Hank Stram: (1960-1974)
124-76-10 regular season record
5-3 playoff record, 3 AFL championships (1962, 1966, 1969); 2 Super Bowl appearances, Won Super Bowl IV

The gold standard by which Chiefs coaches will always be measured, Stram was the perfect pick for a fledgling AFL team trying to gain an identity. Offensively innovative, Stram was the only man to coach three AFL championship teams and was named AFL Coach of the Year in 1968. He secretly agreed to wear a microphone on the sidelines during Super Bowl IV and his running commentary during the game is the stuff of legend. “65 Toss Power Trap” and ”Keep on matriculating the ball down the field, boys!” are now part of most fan’s sub-conscious because of him.

Stram was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

Paul Wiggin: (1975-1977)
11-24 regular season record, no playoff record

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19 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Star: Is Cassel the one player the Chiefs have sought all these years?

The last true franchise quarterback to wear a Kansas City Chiefs jersey is already here, sitting where important men sit: in a nearly enclosed, oversized booth, watching waitresses with pleasant smiles hum by and men in business suits strain to catch his words.

“They’ve been unable to draft or develop a quarterback,” Len Dawson says. “They’ve tried. They’ve just been unable.”

This is how far back you have to look to catch a glimpse of what Matt Cassel might become: All the way to the 1960s and Lenny The Cool, he of the Super Bowl ring, the bronzed-tan glow of the good life, the loving looks of folks who remember winning ways and the special place you get to inhabit if you earn the mantle of franchise quarterback.

A franchise quarterback also happens to be the one ingredient any general manager hoping to play alchemist needs if he’s to turn a 2-14 embarrassment into a winning organization.

“How important are franchise quarterbacks? You aren’t successful without one!” Dick Vermeil says. “You get by, but you don’t get better. You don’t win big.”

Former Chiefs center Tim Grunhard agrees: “That’s what young people are looking for. They want a hero, a hero they can believe in, a guy they can go in the backyard and when they play football say, ‘I’m Matt Cassel.’ We’ve been told time and time again that these guys were going to come in, be the guy, be the face, be the resurrection of the Kansas City Chiefs. And it’s never worked. Never.”

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19 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Tucker: Chief mistake: Giving Cassel long-term deal now doesn't make sense

It is almost time for some real football. You know, pad poppin', sweat drippin', arm tinglin' football. But for now, there is still some business being taken care of across the NFL. That business includes teams like the Ravens and Chiefs signing their franchise tendered players to long-term extensions. After careful consideration I fully support the Ravens' decision but question the Chiefs' actions. Here's why:

Kansas City should have made Matt Cassel prove he could do it again. The Chiefs made a large financial commitment to Cassel even though the potential exists that he was only a one-year wonder who profited from being in the right place at the right time in New England. It makes you wonder what the hurry was for the Chiefs, who already had an emerging young signal caller in place in Tyler Thigpen. Why not wait until the end of the season before giving Cassel a long-term deal? Yes, the contract numbers might have increased if Cassel proved his worth but how much more would they have had to pay than the $63 million over six years ($28M guaranteed) they are already doling out? And wouldn't that extra money be worth it if it meant having the peace of mind that Cassel could get the job done with your franchise?

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18 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Covitz: Trent Green has a TV gig

It didn't take long for former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green to find some work in broadcasting.

Green has been hired to serve as analyst for two of the St. Louis Rams' four preseason games this summer.

Interestingly, neither will be the game against the Chiefs.

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17 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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UFN: Chiefs unit review: The offensive line

When it comes to analyzing football, I've always been obsessed with offensive line play. It might seem strange that a sports writer so seemingly preoccupied with numbers would be so enthralled by an area of the game in which there is almost no data with which to work. However, it's precisely that lack of data that keeps me so interested. It's my opinion that the line as a unit is the second most important part of an offense after the quarterback. Yet, there is no objective way to measure exactly what the five large individuals up front do on any given play. However, efforts at approximating what linemen do have improved exponentially over the last two decades, thanks to Stats, Inc. and, more recently, Football Outsiders. With that in mind, let's take a quick tour over where the Chiefs' offensive line has been and where it might be going.
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16 Jul 2009 by Ryan Luis

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