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Judge: Chiefs: Love and hate

The Kansas City Chiefs share the same town where the Pony Express started and Jesse James was killed, and I wish I could think of some analogy there, but I can't. I just know that if you're going to make history maybe this is a good place to be.

But the Chiefs don't need to make history. They just need to win games. They're 10-38 over the last three seasons, and that's not just bad; it's unacceptable.

Coaches and management promise changes, and this could be the season. If nothing else, I see the Chiefs as respectable again, and if that means seven or eight wins, hey, you start somewhere.


  The offseason additions to the offense. Rookie sensation Dexter McCluster is an impact player who can line up anywhere. At one practice, our Rapid Reporter, Bob Gretz, counted McCluster in 13 different spots. He's a running back. He's a wide receiver. He's a slot receiver. He's a returner. He's a quarterback in the Wildcat. He's everything the Chiefs hoped ... and maybe more. But the Chiefs didn't stop there. They picked up free-agent Thomas Jones, the league's third-leading rusher, wide receiver Jerheme Urban and guard Ryan Lilja. Then they re-signed Chris Chambers. Suddenly, this looks like a team that can score, always good when you share a division with San Diego. "The coaching staff and the guys upstairs did an excellent job of bringing in some guys who seem like they can make plays when given the opportunity," Chambers said. "We've just got to feed off each other."

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09 Aug 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Is this a great country?

Sports Illustrated put together on its web site a list of the 50 highest paid athletes for 2010. On that list, coming in at number 42, is none other than Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson, who reportedly will bring in $18.2 million in salary and endorsements this year.

Jackson's haul puts him ahead of, among many others, sports stars such as Josh Beckett and David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys and four-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson.

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21 Jul 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Kennison was always underappreciated

Here's wishing Eddie Kennison signed with the Chiefs to play for them in 2010 instead of merely to retire as a member of the organization, as he did today.

Maybe this time around, Kennison would have received the credit he was due the first time, but never seemed to get.

Kennison's contributions were usually hidden beneath those of other players on those marvelously talented offensive teams from the early and middle part of the last decade. I'm not going to claim his part was as important as that of Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzalez or an extremely skilled offensive line.

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20 Jul 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Former KC Chief to host community Bar-B-Que

Christian Okoye, former Kansas City Chiefs Running Back, is partnering up with Kansas City Farmers Insurance agents to host the “Be a Hero For Babies” Community Bar-B-Que this Thursday, July 22, at the Farmers Insurance office at 17000 W. 119th Street in Olathe.

Okoye will be signing autographs and taking photos with anyone who stops by to help support “Be a Hero For Babies Day” - a national day of fundraising for the March of Dimes, an organization that helps mothers have healthier pregnancies and prevent birth defects.

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20 Jul 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Join our group on facebook!

Hi, i just made a group on facebook for the website. Now we can all get together and chat chiefs! Thank you all.

Search  and join our group
14 Jul 2010 by Flint Graves

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Williamson: Pressure Point: Cassel must improve

When Scott Pioli took over the Kansas City Chiefs, he promptly gave up an early second-round pick -- an extremely valuable selection -- to the team he had just come from, the Patriots, to acquire a quarterback he was extremely familiar with: Matt Cassel.

Obviously the intentions with that trade were to secure the quarterback of the future that the rebuilding franchise could use as a cornerstone. One year later, though, there are more questions than answers with Cassel.

While Cassel isn't an overwhelming physical specimen, there are some things that he does well, including displaying fine overall athleticism. Unfortunately, Cassel was the victim of too many drops by his receivers last season, and only two quarterbacks were sacked more than Cassel.

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25 Jun 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Chiefs won't likely make it easy on Page

When searching for possible solutions to the Chiefs' stalemate with Jarrad Page, it's best to remember the stance Scott Pioli took last year with regard to Brian Waters.

That stance, in essence, was that players don't make the decision whether they continue to play for the Chiefs. The Chiefs will make it for them.

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20 Jun 2010 by Ryan Luis

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What I think 2010-11

I fell the Chiefs are headed in the right direction. We have a force to be reckoned with in the run game. I still think we will struggle with pass completions, but be better than 09 for sure. Eric Berry has a lot of weight on his shoulders in the back field, i think he will struggle as well for a couple years, but i think he will still be a fixture in our defense. Matt Cassel seems to be doing very well as of now, Haley seems to keep his eyes on him. I would love to see Derrick Johnson starting because i know he deserves it, but Haley is the one to decide. I could keep ranting on the Chiefs for days but my final conclusion is... We have the potential to at least make a wild card spot. I'm saying 10-6. How does everyone else think the Chiefs will pan out?
15 Jun 2010 by Flint Graves

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