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We scared Tom Curran away after only a brief cameo appearance this afternoon.  (Apparently, he didn't like the big neon beer sign we put up in the dining room.)

But Curran hasn't been sitting on his couch doing nothing.  Instead, he's been sitting on his couch typing about football, which as we've learned requires roughly the same amount of exertion as sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Anyway, Curran bluntly asks the question that has been nagging at us all day -- Why did the Pats do it?

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01 Mar 2009 by THECHAMP

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BR: The Kansas City Chiefs: "Piece By Piece"

Piece by piece the puzzle is finally coming together. With half of the Cardinals' coaching staff and former Patriots personnel on the Kansas City Chiefs, they are looking like a real football team.

So far, Scott Pioli has made all the right moves in putting this puzzle together. The Chiefs stole Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel for a mere 34th overall pick. Matt Cassel is going to be the face of the Kansas City Chiefs, and with the leadership of Mike Vrabel on defense, how can you go wrong?

Also, expect Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez to have more receptions this season.

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01 Mar 2009 by Ryan Luis

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ArrowheadPride: Are the Chiefs Waiting on Romeo Crennel to be Defensive Coordinator?

Here's a quick note from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer about what the heck is going on with the Kansas City Chiefs search for a defensive coordinator. Turns out, like I've been suspecting, the Chiefs may be waiting on Romeo Crennel.  Former Browns coach Romeo Crennel is convalescing from successful hip replacement surgery and weighing an offer to become the defensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs are holding the position open for Crennel, who is waiting to learn exactly how long his rehabilitation process will keep him out. The Chiefs may have enticed Crennel a little bit more by trading for New England linebacker Mike Vrabel.

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01 Mar 2009 by Ryan Luis

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ESPN'S Graham: Did Chiefs rob Patriots with 34th pick?

The 34th overall selection in this year's draft sure sounds like a bargain for the Kansas City Chiefs. That's all they gave the New England Patriots to obtain quarterback Matt Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel.

Sound a little cheap to you?

About seven weeks ago, I explored Cassel's trade value with a pair of analysts who've been around the NFL block a time or two.

Floyd Reese was one of them. The former Tennessee Titans general manager was working for ESPN at the time.

Now he's senior football adviser with the Patriots, coming aboard when Scott Pioli left to accept the Chiefs' GM job.

Here's what Reese said back then: "It would have to be multiple choices and very high choices to get Cassel. Two first-rounders, or a one and a two and a three ... It'll be something very, very expensive."

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01 Mar 2009 by Ryan Luis

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FanIQ: Chiefs Make Brilliant Move in Acquiring Matt Cassel And Mike Vrabel
Trading for Matt Cassel is a brilliant move for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs traded a 2nd round pick for Matt Cassel and veteran linebacked Mike Vrabell. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is starting things off right in Kansas City.  Even in a full article I can not stress the intelligence of this move.  The Chiefs improved their team, addressed their biggest need at the cheapest price, avoid uncertainty of a rookie quarterback, and showed the team and city that they are willing to make moves to win.

Here are the reasons this was a brilliant move by the Chiefs;

Reason #1: Cassel & Vrabel Can Start Now
Cassel has proved that he can start in the NFL and have positive results.  The Chiefs do not have Randy Moss or Wes Welker, but they do have rising star Dwayne Bowe.  Regardless of the surrounding talent, Cassel can make throws and can lead a team.  The Chiefs escape the fears of uncertainty in a rookie quarterback who may or may not be ready to start for the team in week 1.  Although he is not the headline of the trade, Vrabel can immediately be inserted in the Chiefs defense and make an impact.
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28 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Graham: Cassel trade opens new offseason possibilities

Albert Haynesworth's gargantuan contract has been eclipsed as the offseason's biggest blockbuster deal.

The New England Patriots are comfortable enough with the rehabilitation of Tom Brady's rebuilt left knee that they have traded high-profile backup Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs sent their second-round pick, No. 34 overall, to the Patriots to acquire their desperately needed quarterback and linebacker Mike Vrabel.

If the trade goes through, then it dramatically will change the offseason possibilities for both clubs and send ripples throughout the league.

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28 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Schlereth: Breaking down the Cassell trade

28 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson:Cassel trades notes

Random thoughts on the impact of the Matt Cassel trade for New England to Kansas City:

Scott Pioli is fully commitment to the Patriot Way. Getting Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel shows that the former New England executive is going to keep the same system that he operated under in New England.

The Patriots' are the ultimate system team in every aspect and Cassel and Vrabel are both players that fit what Pioli wants to do. Pioli's future in Kansas City is married to Cassel's. But it would be with any quarterback he pursued to be his franchise quarterback. It clear Pioli figured he might as well enter this journey with a known community.

Kansas City tight end Tony Gonzalez said in December that it would be a "disgrace" if Tyler Thigpen didn't get the chance to be the team's quarterback in 2009. Wonder if this move will make difference as Gonzalez tries to decide if he wants to stay or be traded from Kansas City. Gonzalez may be loyal to Thigpen but Gonzalez has to be intrigued about Cassel based on his success last season with the Patriots.

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28 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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