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Chiefs should have a short list of top draft pick candidates

Hundreds of players are available in this year’s NFL draft, but the Chiefs will have to investigate only a fraction of them when it comes to their first pick.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said only about 10 players are worthy of the Chiefs’ consideration with their top pick, which is third overall.

“There’s probably a total of 10 guys they’ll have to look at and evaluate and then say, ‘OK, here’s our list one, two and three,’ ” Mayock said. “They know they’re getting one of those guys.”

Mayock’s list is heavy on offensive players, which is unfortunate for a team that needs plenty of help on its defensive front seven. It includes quarterbacks Matt Stafford of Georgia and Mark Sanchez of Southern California, wide receivers Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech and Jeremy Maclin of Missouri, running backs Knowshon Moreno of Georgia and Chris Wells of Ohio State and offensive tackles Eugene Monroe of Virginia and Jason Smith of Baylor.

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11 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Covitz: Gonzalez breaks Pro Bowl records, discusses future with Chiefs

AFC tight end Tony Gonzalez, of the Kansas City Chiefs, walks ...

Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez re-wrote the Pro Bowl record book on Sunday.

And he also said he'd "have no problems staying with the Chiefs", depending on what moves the club makes in the off-season.

Gonzalez caught six passes for 98 yards and a touchdown in the AFC's 30-21 loss to the NFC.

He broke Jerry Rice's Pro Bowl career records for most catches and most receiving yards, and he tied the record for most touchdowns in the Pro Bowl.

Gonzalez now has 39 career receptions for 590 yards in the Pro Bowl. The 39 receptions broke Rice's record of 37.

And the 590 yards shattered the career mark of 495 yards set by Rice (1987-03).

Gonzalez' 19-yard touchdown pass from Peyton Manning was his fifth career Pro Bowl touchdown, tying the all-time record shared by wide receivers Jimmy Smith (1998-01) and Marvin Harrison (2000-06).

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08 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Banks: Which team has had the best offseason already?

It's open for debate, but I couldn't be convinced that anyone has done better than Kansas City, which has swapped out the general manager-head coaching tandem of Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards in favor of Scott Pioli and Todd Haley. Pioli has four more Super Bowls on his resume than Peterson did, and Haley just helped coach the Cardinals to within 35 seconds of one of the most impressive upsets in Super Bowl history. That's a win-win for a franchise that has lost 23 of its last 25 games and plays in the AFC's worst division.

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08 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Banks: Which super-back leaves the AFC West first, LaDainian Tomlinson or Larry Johnson?

My money is on the Chiefs finally giving Johnson his wish and sending him packing. If there's anything that new Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli isn't likely to suffer, it's a chronic malcontent like L.J. But Johnson, of course, is not exactly at the peak of his value these days, so the Chiefs may have to settle for making the best of a bad trade situation.

As for Tomlinson, his story has a ways to go before it plays out. I believe he'll remain in San Diego after taking a pay cut, but some of it depends on how the Chargers handle Darren Sproles' impending free agency. San Diego won't lavish huge money on Sproles because it knows his best role is as a situational back/return man, not a No. 1 featured back.

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08 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Babb: New Chiefs coach took unconventional route

The walleye hadn't been biting for hours by the time the Haleys and the Russos sat down for dinner.

They came to Chautauqua Lake in New York for long weekends each May, the men casting their lines into the water until the fish grew bored of the bait. It was the early 2000s, a couple of years after Haley had decided he wanted to be a football coach. May was the time that NFL coaches, grunts and decision-makers -- Haley was a grunt -- could get away for a few days without the phone ringing.

On this night, Todd Haley excused himself, and his wife, Chrissy, remained at the table with their friends. Haley and George Russo had known each other since high school. Russo believed in Haley when he wanted to be a street hockey player, a pro golfer, a golf coach and an NFL scout. And now Haley felt like being a coach, and that was fine with Russo. He'd support his friend if he wanted to clone oxen.

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08 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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NBC: Now the Chiefs need to trade Gonzalez, Johnson

Now that Todd Haley is the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach, he and general manager Scott Pioli face interesting issues.
Will the Chiefs trade running back Larry Johnson? My guess is absolutely. Will they also trade tight end Tony Gonzalez? Very likely and they should, assuming the Chiefs get a fair offer.
Trading Johnson is really not that hard a decision. He wants out; he has been in trouble off the field; and he has a huge contract. The Chiefs must rid themselves of past baggage, and Johnson will turn 30 in November. He is reaching the point where most running backs begin to decline. Trade him now, before another subpar season diminishes his value.
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07 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Haley will show Chiefs he's the boss

The two most charismatic coaches in the history of the Kansas Chiefs were also a couple of dynamic duds who couldn’t hold on to their jobs.
Former special teams coach Frank Gansz, who was 4-11 in 1987 (the NFL strike year) and 4-11-1 the next season, was fired after the 1988 campaign and replaced by Marty Schottenheimer.
Herm Edwards could manage just two wins his last 25 games as the Chiefs’ head man and Friday was replaced by former Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley.
Gansz’s flowery prose about his days in the military could send chills up your spine. He was perhaps the greatest special teams coach in the history of the NFL, but as former All-Pro nose tackle Bill Maas once said, “His (expletive) got old fast when he was the head coach.”
Much the same thing happened with Edwards. Every Tuesday, he would meet with the media in a session that quickly became known as “Herman’s Sermon.”
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07 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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Teicher: Salary-cap room for Chiefs is wide open


Go ahead and assemble that free-agent wish list, Chiefs fans. Dream big, because salary-cap room won’t be a problem.

And with new coach Todd Haley finally in the fold, he and general manager Scott Pioli can go to town.

A quarterback like New England’s Matt Cassel? Pioli knows about him firsthand.

A linebacker like Arizona’s Karlos Dansby? Haley watched him in practice every day of the season.

The Chiefs would be able to sign both those players and then some like Carolina’s pass-rusher Julius Peppers. Research by The Kansas City Star shows the Chiefs have salary-cap commitments of about $85.6 million, or about $37 million less than the projected NFL limit of $123 million.

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06 Feb 2009 by Ryan Luis

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