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Teicher: Today's practice six-pack

The Chiefs held their initial off-season full squad practice today. Here are some quick observations:

1) Every player was in attendance except safety Jarrad Page, a restricted free agent who hasn't signed a contract. Among those participating were guard Brian Waters and linebacker Mike Vrabel, who weren't around for most of last season's off-season practices.

2) Among the players who did not practice for injury or conditioning reasons: running back Jamaal Charles, cornerback Brandon Flowers, tight ends Brad Cottam and Tony Moeaki and wide receivers Lance Long and Quinten Lawrence. Charles and Flowers had shoulder surgery after the season.

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17 May 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Grimes originally entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with Denver in 2009.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Tuesday that the club has signed free agent WR David Grimes.

Grimes (5-9, 183) played in 45 games (22 starts) at Notre Dame, catching 90 passes for 900 yards with seven TDs. He also returned 36 kickoffs for 852 yards. Grimes recorded 35 receptions for 321 yards with three TDs as a senior for the Fighting Irish. He originally entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with Denver in 2009. The Los Angeles native was a first-team all-state selection as a senior at St. Martin DePorres High School in Detroit, Michigan.

04 May 2010 by Flint Graves

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USA Today: Kansas City Chiefs Team Report

he worst part of the Chiefs play in 2009 was their defense against the run. They allowed an average of 156.5 rushing yards per game. They gave up 4.7 yards every time the opponent ran the ball and Cleveland's Jerome Harrison had the biggest rushing day of the season and Browns history when he ran for 286 yards in Kansas City. Harrison was one of six backs that topped 100 rushing yards against the Chiefs defense and two other backs ran for 99 and 97 yards.

The Chiefs selected seven players in the NFL Draft, but it's hard to see how any of those picks addressed the dreadful run defense. When asked what they had done since the end of last season to address their pitiful run defense, GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley pointed to areas other than the draft.

"Number one, we are developing the guys that we have here on campus," said Haley. "Those guys are working their backsides off trying to move up the ranks so to speak. I think we are all really excited about that process and where it is right now.

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01 May 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Berry takes his admiration of Taylor to Chiefs

When Eric Berry took the practice field for the Kansas City Chiefs this week, he began the final phase of living up to his idol's legacy.

It's hard to imagine Berry - an All-American deemed a surefire NFL star - held a player in such a high regard not that long ago.

Yet he did just that.

While at Tennessee, Berry never hid his admiration for former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, who was killed by intruders in his home on Nov. 27, 2007.

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30 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Tepper: Kansas City Chiefs Draft: Durablilty Is The Key

Well, Scott Pioli isn't so hard to figure out after all.

Do you know the feeling one gets when they finally understand the thought process of another human being? It becomes a revelation.

Like one of those proverbial "Oh now I get it." this year's draft has taught us all exactly what Pioli is about. "Poilism 101" if you will.

Here is a man who most values leadership and character first and talent second. That's what he believes. That's the way he thinks. And finally, that is now the way every Chief fan thinks. We finally "get it." Our erudition is complete

Interested in a particular player or free agent for the Chiefs? What should we look for first? Yes, you guessed it. If you are not a leader and an unselfish teammate, good luck and goodbye.

But what is the etiology of Piolism? I guess that's a esoteric question one could ask. There may be a myriad of answers.

Overall, I am not really happy with this draft, but then again I rarely am. One red flag I noticed that ran throughout this process. A common denominator

Injury prone players

That is what concerns me the most. At least three Chiefs picks may have a great deal of difficulty staying healthy and that's a concern. As one scout described tight end Tony Moeaki.

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30 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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ESPN's Williamson: Kansas City Chiefs notes

Monday, it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs hadsetup a visit with defensive tackle John Henderson, who was just cut by Jacksonville. Tuesday, reported that Henderson will not visit Wednesday.

The Chiefs announced the promotions of Mike Borgonzi to manager of football operations and Dom Green to the post of regional scout. They also announced the hiring of Katie Douglass as director of player development.
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27 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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Judge: GM Pioli explains organizational thinking on big draft

Berry stands with Goodell after being chosen ...

The Kansas City Chiefs didn't just pass the test at this year's NFL draft. They aced it.

When Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News graded last weekend's draft he handed out one A+, and it was to the Chiefs. Gosselin admired every move the team made, and, frankly, so do I. They found value in every round and accomplished their pre-draft goals of landing solid players, improving team speed and identifying future leaders.

Eric Berry? Captain. Dexter McCluster? Co-captain. Javier Arenas? Captain. Six of their seven draft picks were captains of their teams, with only Troy's Cameron Sheffield keeping the Chiefs from completing the sweep. So what? So they found responsible, productive players who doubled as team leaders, which means they just helped themselves on and off the field.

The bottom line is that Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli did in this draft what I thought he failed to do in 2009, which is to nail top-rated players with every choice. I'm not sure what happened, so I decided to ask Pioli. Here are his responses:

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27 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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John Henderson to visit Chiefs on Wednesday

Updating a previous item, free agent DL John Henderson's visit with the Chiefs will take place on Wednesday.

A previous report had it slated for Tuesday. Beat writer Kent Babb tweeted earlier in the day that Henderson would play nose tackle in Kansas City, but we doubt that's the case. The 6-foot-7, 335-pounder is an end in a 3-4 defense. The Chiefs would still have a need on the nose if they signed Big John.

26 Apr 2010 by Ryan Luis

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