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Babb: Chiefs to decide if Thigpen and spread will be part of future

Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen has looked comfortable in the spread offense.

Chiefs officials will gather in three weeks and lay out a plan that could decide Kansas City’s direction for years.

They will debate whether Tyler Thigpen has proved himself capable of being the team’s long-term starter at quarterback. But the discussion will go deeper than that. The Chiefs want to figure out whether they can build next year’s team continuing to use the spread offense, a scheme that was supposed to be as temporary as Thigpen’s place in the starting lineup.

When Thigpen and the spread thrived, it attracted the attention of at least one of the men who will have a prominent voice in that meeting.

“I kind of like it,” Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said Tuesday. “Me, personally, I’m kind of leaning the way it’s going. It’s kind of helped everybody.”

It helped Thigpen, and that was easy to see. The spread allowed the second-year passer to take snaps from the shotgun, and it thrived when he threw the ball quickly and safely. Edwards said part of the reason he would endorse the spread for 2009 is because Thigpen has protected the ball, throwing four interceptions compared to 12 touchdowns in the last seven games.

But Edwards said it also has helped the offensive line and made the entire unit more comfortable. It also hasn’t hurt that the Chiefs have been competitive; of Kansas City’s six losses since Thigpen took over full-time, four have been by seven points or fewer.

“We’ve got a pretty good idea of where Tyler’s at,” Edwards said, “and where he can go.”

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10 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Chiefs to honor Roaf

The Chiefs are honoring Willie Roaf this weekend.

The star tackle had a brief but stellar stay in Kansas City. He played for Kansas City from 2002-2005. The 11-time Pro Bowl player made the Pro Bowl each of his four seasons with Kansas City. Roaf retired from the NFL in 2006.

Roaf will be honored at halftime during Sunday's home game against San Diego. There will be a video presentation and Roaf is expected to address the crowd.

"Willie Roaf is arguably the finest left tackle to have ever played in the NFL," Kansas City general manager Carl Peterson said in a release by the team. "We were very fortunate to execute a trade for Willie with the New Orleans Saints. What the Chiefs received was the 'personal' protection of QB Trent Green for four years which led to four Pro Bowl appearances for Willie. At the same time, he became a member of one of the most highly-decorated offensive lines in Chiefs history.

"Throughout his professional football career, Willie conducted himself in a manner both on and off the field that has served his reputation well and is a quality one would hope all NFL players would emulate," Peterson continued. "We are delighted to pay tribute to him and hope to do so again in the future when he is welcomed into the family of greats as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We wish Willie and his family all the best for the future."

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09 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Broncos 24, Chiefs 17: Jay Cutler Giveth and Jay Cutler Taketh Away

Denver Broncos' Jay Cutler (R) walks off the field while ...
The Kansas City Chiefs had to be feeling pretty good about themselves nine minutes into Sunday's game with the Broncos. Jay Cutler had just gifted them a touchdown with a pass into coverage which Maurice Leggett picked off and took for six points. That made it 10-0 Chiefs and a replay of Week Four's 33-19 win looked like it was in the cards.

Cutler wouldn't let it happen, though. He was 30-of-36 with 270 yards and two touchdowns after that interception and did most of his best work late in the game when an injury to Peyton Hillis cost the Broncos any semblance of a running game. Cutler completed eight passes, including the winning touchdown to Brandon Marshall, on a 12-play, 95-yard drive that bridged the end of the third and start of the fourth quarters.

Then, backed up on their own one-yard line on third-and-10 with just under four minutes to play, Cutler hit Marshall for 19 yards for a first down. He followed that with an 11-yard strike to Tony Scheffler on another third down to ice the game and, barring a complete collapse, the AFC West for the Broncos.
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07 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson: Quarter checkpoint: Kansas City Chiefs

Quarter record: 1-3.

Quarter turning point: The first game of the quarter, Nov. 9 at San Diego. The Chiefs blew a second-half lead for the third straight game and lost 20-19. They had a chance to win the game in the final seconds but missed a two-point conversion. They put themselves in the situation because of missing a PAT earlier in the game. Had Kansas City won at San Diego it could have ignited the team instead of demoralizing it after three straight close calls.

Quarter surprise: The continued solid play by quarterback Tyler Thigpen. He is only playing because of injuries to Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard. Thigpen, a second-year player, has been solid and he is an exciting player. He does well in the spread offense. If Thigpen continues to progress, he could be the answer in Kansas City at quarterback.

Quarter disappointment: Defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. The No. 5 overall draft pick has not made the impact he was expected to. Kansas City's other rookies have played well but Dorsey has been quiet. He has 32 tackles this season. In the past four games, Dorsey has registered 10 tackles. His one sack this season came in this quarter. It's too early to call Dorsey a bust but he was expected to make an instant, major impact. That hasn't happened yet.

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05 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Judge: Dear, Vikings: Thanks for our quarterback; Sincerely, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen throws against ...

I heard someone last week ask if there were any way the Minnesota Vikings could repay Kansas City for dropping star defensive end Jared Allen on their doorstep, and, yes, I said, there is. In fact, they've already done it.He's the Chiefs' quarterback for now and maybe the future, but he wouldn't be in Kansas City if the Vikings hadn't cut him loose a year ago to make room for a reserve tight end.

The move was a gamble, and Minnesota knew it, but it figured it could re-sign Thigpen -- chosen by the Vikings in the seventh round of the 2007 draft -- to its practice squad after he cleared waivers.

Only he didn't clear. Kansas City claimed him.

Now he's playing so well that Chiefs coach Herman Edwards confessed he's considering scrapping the Chiefs' run-heavy offense next season and going with what works for Tyler Thigpen -- a more spread-out, wide-open, two-minute approach that usually has Thigpen operating out of the shotgun.

That can't be good news for someone like running back Larry Johnson, but it is for Thigpen. It means someone has a conviction about the guy, and that someone is Edwards -- with the coach considering a change next season from his offenses of the past just to suit his young quarterback.

If that happens, it means Edwards believes in Thigpen as his future starter. But he isn't there yet, and he emphasized that when I reached him Wednesday.

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04 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Williamson: AFC West notes: Derrick Johnson on the move

full story...Big happenings in Kansas City where the Chiefs are moving linebacker Derrick Johnson from the outside to middle linebacker for the remainder of the season.

The Kansas City Star reports that the move will be made both to give Johnson a chance to salvage a disappointing season and to give the Chiefs a spark in the middle.

This is a significant move. Johnson hasn't had a great 2008. He has been bothered by injuries and hasn't been as productive as he has been in the past. If the Chiefs are moving Johnson, it means the staff believes his future could be in the middle. However, if Johnson fails to make the transition smoothly, it could put his future in jeopardy in Kansas City.


04 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Rookie CB Leggett coming on strong for Chiefs

Oakland Raiders kicke Sebastian Janikowski, right, loses the ...
Looking at Maurice Leggett, Herm Edwards almost feels as though he's dusted off a 30-year-old photograph of himself.

Like Leggett, the Kansas City Chiefs' coach was a cornerback at a college that never played in a major bowl game or figured in the arguments over the national championship. Like Leggett, Edwards endured the sting of rejection, ignored by every team in every round of the NFL draft.

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03 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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Yahoo: How under-fire NFL coaches can save their jobs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards looks up as his team ...
Herman Edwards, Chiefs

The circumstances: The Chiefs blew up the roster in the offseason, rebuilding with youth. Are they great? Predictably, no. But after back-to-back blowout losses to the Panthers and Titans, on Oct. 5 and 19, the Chiefs have been in every game but one, pushing the Jets and Chargers to the limit and the Bucs to overtime.

To save his job: It's open for debate whether his job really is on the line. Edwards & Co. seem to have done a good job while young pieces like Tyler Thigpen, Branden Albert, Brandon Flowers, DaJuan Morgan and Glenn Dorsey develop. When you're turning things over like this, 3-8 isn't all that bad.


03 Dec 2008 by Ryan Luis

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